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Financial Controls


Identification of Control Gaps

Business Risk awareness is the capability of recognising risks before they happen, mitigate them when they arise, and recover from the damages they may cause.  Are you aware of any control gap blind spots in your organisation that may stop you achieving your objectives? At ESJ Business Solutions we have the experience to complete a business review and recommend appropriate ways to reduce your risk before it’s too late.

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There are many types of fraud that you may come across, and they can be categorised as: asset misuse, financial fraud and corruption. Misuse of the company’s assets is the most common and highly found fraud in most organisations.

No business is immune from fraud so why not let me help? We are experts at identifying fraud risks, sniffing out the tell-tale signs of existing fraud, and developing practical fraud prevention strategies.

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Margin Management

You’d be surprised how many businesses go under because of avoidable margin miscalculations. Do your employees understand margin control and its importance? I can provide control advice at every stage of the production process. I provide efficient stock control methods that will ensure you have the right quantity of stock at all times, giving you instant visibility should an anomaly materialise with your stock levels. Let us check your processes and calculations so you can stay healthy and profitable.

ESJ Business Solutions - margin management


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